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Вітає Українська is a resource for intermediate-level Ukrainian that integrates the features of a traditional textbook with the authentic language content and interactivity of the web. Activities include cultural readings with mouse-over glosses, audio recordings, embedded videos, structured activities using Ukrainian websites, and self-graded comprehension checks.  The materials are organized as thematic modules, which can be used in any order or as stand-alone supplements to more traditional classroom instruction.  The self-graded comprehension checks also make the materials ideal for those who wish to improve their Ukrainian through self-study.

These materials were produced by Dr. Yaroslava Tsiovkh of the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Kansas, and are provided under a  Creative Commons license in order to maximize access for those wishing to learn Ukrainian.  We welcome comments about ways to improve this resource, as well as contributions from those wishing to share materials through this website.